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Enterprise introduction

Shanghai tengmu machinery co., LTD. Is located in "beidou industrial base of Oriental meigu bigui garden, fengxian district, Shanghai, China". Is a collection development, production, sales and after-sales service in - body of high-tech enterprises, the main products for fruit and vegetable processing production line, production line for wine, food, beverage, dairy production lines and form a complete set of products, sanitary tanks, tank containers, such as cleaning, crushing, beating, filtration, sterilization, concentration, dry, CIP cleaning system, sanitary pump, valve fluid accessories and packaging equipment. We provide mechanical equipment design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, technical improvement, technical consultants and other services. The products are widely used in the fields of biopharmaceutical, enzyme, food, beverage, dairy, packaging and so on. The company has complete processing equipment, perfect technological process, strong technical force, excellent product development and design capabilities and rich production experience, and signed innovative technology strategic cooperation agreements with many well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad. The company has rich experience in equipment manufacturing and engineering construction, reliable quality and good effect. Welcome customers to discuss cooperation.

Production and equipment
Strict on-the-spot management of workshop, carrying out 6S regulation, abiding by Operation Rules, safe production, become the development power of enterprise. Continue to strengthen the core technology research and development and innovation, continue to pursue excellence, excellence, with advanced production equipment, strict quality management, precision production testing process, to ensure the excellent performance of each product
Engineering case
The company provides first-class professional engineering installation experience and management experience, in the spirit of excellence working attitude, to provide users with good after-sales service, dedicated to meet the needs of users. Professionals are the basis of good service, our professionals have equipment use and maintenance and practical experience and system training, really grasp the professional knowledge and field processing methods.


[ fruit and vegetable processing line ] the extraction

equipment helps the development of the industry

Today, the market is not only brown sugar ginger tea, ginger sugar, Ginger slices and other traditional foods, but also the addition of Ginger extract made of Ginger Ale, Ginger Cola, ginger biscuits and other foods. As a technology leader in the fruit and vegetable processing production line industry, the equipment of Shanghai Tengmu Machinery Co. , Ltd. with the leading technology level is the icing on the cake for the industry, and by the domestic regions and overseas fruit and vegetable processing guests to consult the negotiations.     


Plant essential oil extraction equipment

Essential oils are plant specific fragrances extracted from herbaceous plant flowers, leaves, roots, bark, fruits, seeds, resins, etc. , as a technology leader in the plant essential oil extraction equipment industry, Shanghai takes the leading technology-level equipment of Shanghai Machinery Co. , Ltd. as the icing on the cake for the industry, and by the domestic regions and overseas fruit and vegetable processing guests to consult the negotiations.


Processing Technology of canned apple sugar water

Canned apple sugar water is a kind of product which is made from apple by pre-treatment, canning and canning liquid, exhaust, sealing, sterilization and cooling. The quality of canned raw materials is the main factor to determine the quality of finished products. Canned Apple Syrup has many advantages: long shelf life, adjustment of the annual supply of fresh fruit, can maintain the flavor and state of fresh fruit. Especially for field operations, mountaineering, military supplies, tourism and other aspects of easy to eat, has special significance. Line description: Shanghai Tengmu Machinery Co. , Ltd. provides processing capacity from 5 tons to 2000 tons per day can processing equipment production line.

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